Ron Maritime Academy is the only authentic CAMA Belize office in South India, extension of Maritime Consular Office for CAMA Belize, Mumbai. RMA is authorized to issue Belize CDC/Seaman Book, COC/Certificate of Competency, Upgradation of COC, Marine Technician Book, Belize endorsement, COP (certificate of proficiency) for cooks and Ship Registry etc.

Belize is the mostly used friendly upcoming flag of convenience in IMO White list. The Belize Seaman book is available to anyone who holds the four basic STCW certificates and a valid passport and is willing to embrace a career at sea. The reason for the fast growing popularity of CAMA Belize is its superfast process and its simplicity.

The issued certificate can be verified on the official website of both CAMA Belize and IMMARBE Belize (INTERNATIONAL MERCHANT MARINE REGISTRY of BELIZE). We process these certificates in very less time i.e. we issue the certificate in 3 working days provided documents are in order. Belize being in IMO White list facilitates certified seamen to get employed in all flags of conveniences.

Amongst CAMA Belize’s achievements during this year, Govt. Of Malyasia now honours CAMA Belize issued COCs & CDCs permitting seamen to work on Malaysian flagged ships. Similarly, countries across Africa, including Egypt, officially honour CAMA Belize issued COC. COC issued by CAMA Belize are honoured by the Indian DGS. Officers and engineers holding CAMA Belize issued COC are rewarded with Indian CDC.